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Brick Services​

If you're looking to give your property a long lasting driveway, beautiful walkway, or upgrade your patio to a more modern look, let the professionals from Serna Stone Work help you get on the right track to successful completion of any brick installation project.

Bricks are a common material that has been used for paving and it always gives your home a beautiful look. From a brick patio, walkway and driveways, Serna Stone Work ’s landscape designer can easily help you with any brick services you may need. We know how to handle red and used bricks. We’re also knowledgeable in the different methods like mortared and dry lay. We have a vast experience at installing them perfectly and we will guide you on the process of our work.

If you’re looking for brick repair or installation for your home, contact us today. We proudly offer our brickwork services to residents in the Irving, TX area. From our diligent patio services to driveway repair, you'll be glad to know your home remodeling projects are in the hands of professionals!